The Comic

Sirius and his friends never asked to exist, and, really, none of them should. Despite this, here they are, and existing when you shouldn’t brings with it complications.

DNA updates every other Friday.

This comic is aimed at people age 16 and up, is LGBT+ friendly, and will contain themes of manipulation, abuse, isolation, and mental illness. If you take personal issue with any of these things, then I’d suggest finding a different comic to read.

Every page has transcripts written below for accessibility purposes. Many people utilize Text-to-Speech (TTS) programs in order to read text on a screen. Because a comic page is seen as an image and not text with these programs, written transcripts are necessary in order for the comic to be read comfortably by those who use TTS. If a page is currently missing transcripts, they will be added later.

Why Patreon?

DNA is funded almost exclusively through Patreon! Contributions toward the comic made through Patreon by fans ensures the artist can keep making it, and as a thank you for their generosity, patrons receive pages early!

Patrons who pledge more than $1 receive WIPs, full illustrations before anywhere else, and an early look at future plans.

If you’re enjoying the comic, support it! Despite being a labor of love, DNA is a full time job, and the artist easily puts 10-16 hours into each page on average. Patreon supplies financial stability, resulting in more time to work on DNA, which means better quality updates!

The Art

DNA’s artwork blends digital and traditional techniques together using Photoshop.

Traditional media used in the comic’s art can range from more expected things like ink, graphite, and paint, to fabric dye, tea, bleach, cat hair, eye shadow, soy sauce, and boiled old fruit.


You can find DNA’s archive here!