Eric Jay Collins

Jay heads the X. lux Behavioral Research Department, which means he’s been working there the longest, and is, to an extent, Ben’s boss.

Withdrawn to the point that it’s probably unhealthy, Jay doesn’t take vacations or use sick days and finds excuses to bury himself in work. He’s often sleep-deprived and on edge, but usually means well. Usually.

For the first six months of the year, he also works with the L. dentium species.


DOB: 29 JUL 1989
Gender: Male
Height: 5’2″
Nationality: American (Indiana)
Species: H. sapiens

Iris Castillo

Iris heads the X. lux Medical Research Department.

She may come off as a little cold or grumpy, but really she just doesn’t have the patience for nonsense, and working with an extrovert and a recluse tends to bring on a lot of it. Not that she hates Ben or Jay; she’s just old. She spends two quarters of the year at the facility, and the other two back home.

She’s been divorced once and never remarried, and has a son around Jay’s age.


DOB: 18 SEP 1969
Gender: Female
Height: 5’7″
Nationality: American (New York)
Species: H. sapiens

Benjamin Taylor

Ben was hired on after Jay realized that maybe having someone around who’s trained with kids instead of animals might be a good idea.

Warm and energetic, Ben befriends most of whom he comes into contact with. He’s made a lot of social progress with the Xs as well; most notably, naming them became standard practice shortly after he was hired.

He has a wife and a daughter, and spends the second half of the year with them.


DOB: 03 APR 1990
Gender: Male
Height: 6’4″
Nationality: American (Connecticut)
Species: H. sapiens

Lisa Ito

Apparently a friend of Jay’s. More info not currently available, as her only appearance thus far has been via a text message.


DOB: 15 SEP 1985
Gender: Female
Height: ???
Nationality: American (California)
Species: H. sapiens

Cheryl Reede

Cheryl is a cytogeneticist and works in the East Facility.

She’s friends with Iris, and apparently met Jay years ago at some point, although he doesn’t seem to remember that.


DOB: 17 JUN 1984
Gender: Female
Height: 5’6″
Nationality: Canadian (Ontario)
Species: H. sapiens



Quick-witted and creative, Sirius is a handful of positive energy.

He cares deeply for anyone he calls a friend, and will take on people twice his size if it means doing what he thinks is right. Anything that involves holding still is his least favorite activity.

He is Lukas’ older brother.


DOB: 13 OCT 2017
ID: X132a
Gender: Male
Color: Yellow-Orange
Species: X. lux


Meek and shy, Orion isn’t very confident, and often finds himself too nervous to speak when in front of others.

He does his best to stay out of the way, and really doesn’t like attention. He does enjoy learning, however, and will hide books in his room to read instead of sleeping.

He’s known Sirius since birth, and the two of them are very close.


DOB: 17 NOV 2017
ID: X134a
Gender: Male
Color: Yellow-Green
Species: X. lux


Rigel is a lot of things, but “stupid” isn’t one of them.

Easily bored and quick to anger, he’s done a very good job of making most of the other kids afraid of him, despite being the only one without any powers. He enjoys causing trouble if he thinks he can get away with it, with Orion being his most frequent target of ridicule, although he’s rotten to pretty much everyone.

He is Cygnus’ younger brother.


DOB: 30 OCT 2016
ID: X070b.110
Gender: Male
Color: None
Species: X. lux


Cygnus is a very soft-spoken and kind boy. The other kids and even the caretakers usually refer to him as Cyg.

Cyg is congenitally deaf and blind on his left side. His disability is often subject to mocking from Rigel, especially whenever Cyg doesn’t let him get his way.

Despite Rigel’s cruelty, Cygnus insists there’s good in him and that one day he’ll change.

His closest friends are Aquila and Leon.


DOB: 21 DEC 2012
ID: X070a
Gender: Male
Color: Blue-Green
Species: X. lux


Aquila possesses an affinity for leadership and has absolutely no trouble taking charge when need be, which is fortunate, considering she finds herself doing just that quite often.

She does her best to help the younger kids solve their problems, and, being the second oldest, tries to set a positive example. She loves other people, and is very much a social butterfly.

Aquila can usually be found with Cygnus and Leon.


DOB: 11 APR 2012
ID: X067a
Gender: Female
Color: Green
Species: X. lux


Leon is the oldest of the twelve total kids, and the very first X. lux to survive past infancy.

Anxious, short-tempered, and immature for his age, he’s not very social and dislikes most, although he tends to cling when he does find someone he likes. Jay is his favorite person, and that’s been the case since he was 5, but lately he’s been more than a little disappointed with some of Jay’s behavior.

He spends the most time with Aquila and Cygnus.


DOB: 01 AUG 2008
ID: X042a
Gender: Male
Color: Red-Orange
Species: X. lux


Lukas may seem shy at first, but he’s actually just disinterested, preferring his own head to the company of others. He does silently sit, and watch, and judge, though. Usually while drawing.

He has a very strong moral compass, and a very low tolerance for bullying. Unafraid of confrontation, Lukas has no issue speaking his mind. He’s referred to as Luke by most of the other kids.

He is Sirius’ younger brother.


DOB: 06 JUN 2020
ID: X132b.207
Gender: Male
Color: Blue
Species: X. lux


Playfully aggressive, Naos tends to punch the people she likes the most.

Though rarely malicious, she enjoys pulling pranks, and can be unintentionally blunt. She often doesn’t realize she’s doing harm until either she’s directly told, or someone starts crying.

She and Orion clash a bit, but she’s good friends with Sirius.


DOB: 01 DEC 2016
ID: X112a
Gender: Female
Color: Yellow
Species: X. lux