Actual post date for this is March 19th, 2018. Not September 21, 2017.

Anyway, I would rather have the reputation of, “That guy who keeps doing shit over again,” than, “That guy with the bad comic,” lol.

This is like, time number 2 with this now.


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↓ Transcript
Author’s Note:

Hey guys, chapter 1 of this thing kinda
really sucks, so I’m rewriting it, haha.

You can still read what’s here if you want,
obviously, just be aware it’s not going to
stay this way.

I’m not changing any major plot stuff,
I’m just establishing things a little better
and, uh... well, not starting off immediately
with mystery kids beating up on each other,

I let a few of my readers look at the new
script already and I’ve been told it’s a large
improvement, so I’m pretty confident in this

I also want to print this eventually, and I
screwed up the file size? Even though at the
time I knew better? So I gotta do it over again
anyway if I want it to print nice, and I Might as
well fix what I hate about it while I’m at it,
you know?

This is the first comic I’ve ever written, and
I’m hoping going back and fixing my mistakes
like this will teach me how to just get it right
the first time.

Dunno when this’ll happen yet, but it’s
definitely gonna happen. Figured I should put like,
a disclaimer here. I just want a good comic.

Thanks for reading. Cross your fingers I’ll
never have to do something like this again.