So, my husband will be undergoing surgery for a physically painful thing he needs taken care of, and he’s going to be on medical leave for anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months afterward. During said leave, he will be docked 1/3rd of his pay, and that’s a lot for us. I’ve been taking commissions on Twitter in preparation for this so we’ll hopefully still be financially secure, but now would be a very good time to support my comic.

You can support DNA either via the support form here on the DNA site, or via ko-fi. Regardless of which method you choose, if you have Discord, you should join the DNA server (linked in the menu above the comic) and DM me (TuxedoDemon#6170) with a hello and the email address you used to support. I’ll give you access to supporter only channels that have supporter discussion, page WIPs, illustrations, and my full buffer of pages (as of writing, I’m working on page 70, so there’s a lot of stuff to read).

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↓ Transcript
Aquila walks through the indoor enclosure, approaches Jay's office, and opens the door. Inside, the room has been frantically torn apart--books strewn about the floor, the futon cushion disassembled, and cabinets hanging open. Jay sits on the floor with his back against his desk and his arms folded atop his knees with his head down. He has earbuds in, and hasn't heard Aquila come in. Startled and confused at the sight of the room, Aquila stammers. " Wh-what--what happened in here?"
Jay hears her and, panicking, quickly gets to his feet as he yanks his earbuds out. "N-nothing!" he says. "Everything is fine! What's up kiddo, what do you need?"