There’s a blog here, I should probably use it.

Now that it’s finally over, I do hope those who’ve been around since before the reboot understand why I started over, lol. I still do have some nitpicks and problems with it, and there’s at least one page that I am for sure going to redraw at some point because the layout is crap and I don’t want it to go to print, but it is what it is now and I can be comfortable with it otherwise. I couldn’t even look at the old version–I wrote it and drew it when I wasn’t on any medication and in a bad place, and reading through it, I could tell. I regret that I ever put it out there. It was legitimately terrible, and I’m happy to be rid of it.

Oh wait I said something about print there, didn’t I. Hm.

Don’t get your hopes up–since Kickstarter has decided NFTs/blockchain technology is Cool and Fun and not a scam at all, I’ve pretty much abandoned any plans to get this thing printed for the moment. I also do not think there are enough of you reading anyway for me to even have a shot at a Kickstarter campaign being successful. A business man I am not; I have no idea how to market anything. But I do very much want to see my comic in print eventually, that’s been a personal goal of mine since the beginning.

So. One day. Just not right now.

How’m I doing?

I’ve kinda been going through it, that’s why it took so long to get page 104 out there. Truthfully, I’ve been off the comic horse since November; I’ve largely been relying on my buffer. I just didn’t get to 104 on time. Thought I would. There’s some stuff that’s gone on that’s frankly just not appropriate for me to talk about because it involves people other than myself, but I’ll talk about what I can.

I got my genes looked at recently because Something’s Wrong, and the medication I’ve been taking since… god, maybe 2016 or so? Yeah, I shouldn’t be on that. It’s the only one I shouldn’t be on, actually; literally anything else I could’ve been given has either popped up in the “hard maybe” or “use as directed” categories. So I’ve been taken off of that and put on something else, and, y’know, I feel significantly more human. So that’s been helping.

I also have a homozygous mutation (two copies of the same fucky gene) that puts me at risk for… well, a lot of crap, all of which could kill me one day somehow, but most noticeably, it makes me tired as hell and also depressed. Apparently that’s solved? Or at least mitigated, with B vitamins. It’s funny, because I’ve been drinking large amounts of energy drinks–which are loaded with B vitamins–for years, because they’ve helped with the symptoms caused by this mutation. Thought it was the caffeine. Anyway, I’ve started taking a supplement instead, and I’ve felt better.

I also had a psychoneurological exam done about a month ago. Turns out, I have ADHD.

Just this past week, I was working on the comic, thought about flatbread, looked up a recipe for flatbread, got excited because I have the ingredients for flatbread, started making flatbread, and somewhere during kneading, I started laughing to myself because I realized that somehow I went from drawing a comic, to making bread, and it’s an absolute wonder how I didn’t get diagnosed with this sooner, because I do things like that all the time. All. The time.

a piece of flatbread on a paper towel. it's a little misshapen, and a tiny bit burnt.

Behold. One of the flatbreads. It was good, just not what I was supposed to be doing.

I’m going to ask about medication next time I see my doctor lol

What’s going on with chapter 2?

Hookay, so. I need to finish writing it, first off. It’s in several different pieces that need to be stitched together, proofread, and edited. That sounds like a lot of work, but the basic structure is there, it just needs to be refined, that’s all.

That’s actually the easy part lol

I want to give myself a couple months to build a fairly decent-sized buffer. I’m prone to spells of “too depressed/fatigued to do anything except sleep” so I need to be prepared for that, just in case it still happens despite the B vitamins and the new medication. I’ve not been taking either long enough to know for sure if it’ll solve that problem.

If you don’t want to wait several months to see pages, I do post pages as I finish them to those with the Supporter role on my discord server. Support the comic (recurrently, either through ko-fi or through the support link) and join the server and I’ll let you in.

But first things first, I want to take a couple weeks to myself. I think about this comic every day, and I need a real break. I do want to participate in ArtFight this year in July, so I want to have some character references done for that, and, believe it or not, I do have other projects I eventually want to launch, and those need attention, too. Basically, this comic is almost the only thing I do now, and I don’t think that’s healthy and I just need to do other things for a little bit, without this thing haunting me and making me feel guilty for it in the background.

Hell, doing dishwasher maintenance for 6 hours was more interesting than working on my comic. That shouldn’t be the case; I need a break lol.

I don’t have any specific timeframe in mind as to when the hiatus will be over, but I should be able to start posting pages of chapter 2 this year. Again, join the Discord (or follow the Twitter, I guess) if you want to be notified of when pages go up. Links are up above in the menu bar.

Some other stuff.

The site will be getting a slight facelift. There are a few layout quirks that have bothered me for a while, and I figure during a hiatus would be a good time to get that sorted out.

So yeah, that’s it, I guess.

Thank you!