Ok so it’s been what, like 6 months? I should say something. And I did. Here’s a tweet thread for you.

To elaborate a tiny bit and touch on some stuff I forgot about in the thread, I hate this website quite a lot? I hate it a lot. It’s difficult to explain why if you’ve not been using it the way I have (and you haven’t been), but WordPress is a blogging CMS (Content Management System) first and foremost, and all the webcomic plug-ins I’ve added to modify it for what I wanted to use it for don’t really… help? That much? I mean, they do, obviously, but I constantly feel like I’m trying to cover weird holes with pieces of wet newspaper.

… lmao I hit “preview” to see how this blog post is going to look and there’s this sad, lonely “< Prev" link floating up in the corner in a weird place for no reason and I'm sure there's a "Next >” counterpart on the previous blog post and that sort of thing is exactly what I’m tired of dealing with. And I’m not going to deal with it this time, it can just be ugly. No formatting for you.

Anyway, it also doesn’t help that the documentation for said plug-ins seem to be scattered far and wide across the internet in various, poorly put together chunks and is really difficult to track down. Which is wild to me because 11 years ago, when I tried doing this whole website thing the first time, WordPress + ComicPress was what I used, so you’d think there’d be some decent documentation that I can actually read somewhere by now, because this was, for a while, the standard for people who built their own webcomic sites. But there is not, and what is out there, you kinda just have have to pray it works with the version you’re using, because it’s all old.

So, like I said in the tweets, I built the test site, I put the new CMS on it, and I’m going to do my best to learn that. Unfortunately, I can’t avoid learning PHP anymore if I want to get the most out of it, so we’ll see how that goes.

When is the hiatus going to be over?

Whenever somebody has asked me directly about it, I’ve told them the hiatus is ending, “…somewhere between August and October.” This, I’ve realized, is not feasible for me, especially not now, considering I want to completely overhaul the website. I still need to write an actual list of everything that needs to be done and figure out the steps needed to accomplish those things, but all of it’s going to take a lot of time and I’m just one person. So.

DNA will be back eventually, I just have no idea when. I’ll make a post when that time is approaching. I will also announce when this site is going offline to be rebuilt.

You should join the Discord server. If for no other reason than you’re guaranteed to get updates about what’s going on. If you follow this comic via the RSS feed, I’m pretty sure you won’t have that anymore when the site is nuked. You’ll have to remember to come back and re-add it, and I’ll be able to let you know when that can be done on Discord. I only ping for important stuff, so leave your pings on.

By the way, I got covid last week. I’m sure if I were to take a test it’d still come up positive, but the symptoms are almost gone already. Wasn’t fun, really sucked. Helped nothing.

That’s about it I think? Thanks for reading.