DNA is a webcomic about people who shouldn’t exist, but do, and how they deal with that.

It’s also a comic about mental illness, trauma, isolation, and child abuse. Take care of yourself while reading this book.

It updates on Fridays, and sometimes on Mondays.

How to Contact

If you need to contact Ray, the author and illustrator of this comic, for some reason, his business email is ray@tuxedodemon.com. Please don’t email me expecting to start a friendly conversation about the weather or something, I am very busy and shy and will not. I also do not collaborate with other creators–this means guest comics, guest art, etc.–so please don’t ask me to.

If you find a glitch on my website, it’s better to email me about it than to leave a comment.

Yes you may draw fan art and send it to me, I love to see it.

Please don’t send me anything NSFW though, I don’t want to see it. I’d prefer you not make anything NSFW of my characters/story/etc. but I can’t control what you do, all I ask is that you don’t send it my way.

If you want to make an X. lux character or a luxsona or something, you may, but I will not give you any guidance or species information on how to do so.

Thank you.

Other Ways of Contacting Me