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"Hhyeah," says Jay as he pulls an energy drink from his bag and moves backwards to sit down. "I... slept through my alarm. And when I got up, I thought I actually woke up early."

He continues, "And then it dawned on me after like, a half hour of lying there that 19:51 is actually 7:51pm in normal people time."

"Oof," Lisa responds, trying to sympathize.

"Yeah. And I should'a known that, 'cuz I catch the 19:45." Jay begins to open the top of his drink. "I'm just... a fucking idio--" He's cut off by a loud "pop" from the can as it explodes all over him. "ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?" he says loudly in surprise as Lisa leans away to avoid being splattered. She's grinning, both amused and feeling sorry for him.

Lisa reaches down for her backpack, which is tucked beneath the seat. "If you can't read military time that well, why is your stuff set to it?" she asks.