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"Because I wanna finally learn it," Jay responds, disgruntled by the fact that most of the liquid has landed in his lap. "It should be easy, it's just... basic math... and memorization...." Lisa digs around in her backpack as Jay continues to mumble angrily to himself. "God, I love to look like I pissed myself, it's my favorite," he says sarcastically.

"Well, at least you got some extra sleep, right?" she says, trying to see a bright side. Jay only grunts in response, remembering the nightmare he'd had, but not wanting to talk about it.

She decides to change the subject, sensing that was the wrong thing to say. "Are you gonna be in trouble?" Lisa asks as she hands him the napkins.
"Shouldn't be," he says as he reaches for them. "Thank you."

"Unless Ash tells Eckert. He'd be feeding them about now, so he knows I'm not there," he says as he begins to clean himself up. "In which case, I guess I'll just... throw myself in front of the next shuttle or something."

Lisa stares at him, a bit horrified.