The next (and last) page of the chapter might be a little late. I’ve been dealing with a lot (serious family issues, medication changes, I had a 3 hour long psychological exam yesterday to test for neurodivergence/disabilities (which should’ve been done when I was a child, frankly, but it is what it is), just general dysfunction has been happening in my life) and I haven’t been in the right, uh. I guess mindset, for comic work. I need a specific brain space for that, and I just haven’t been there.
So, uh. Yeah, I just wanted to let y’all know. Next page might be late, there’s exhausting shit going on over here. Because of the dysfunction, there will unfortunately be a hiatus between the end of this chapter and the start of the next, but I’ll say more about that when page 104 goes up.
↓ Transcript
More time has passed. The sky is sunny and blue, and there's a layer of fresh snow on the surrounding trees. Jay tucks the kids in and makes his rounds before leaving the enclosure. He returns the yellow phone to a security officer, exits through the security gate, and sits alone on the shuttle as he travels back home, occupying himself with his phone. He finally enters his apartment. It's a small studio, with a few pieces of furniture here and there. The lights are out. The space is illuminated by a single window, and a nearby laptop. The date can be seen on the computer; it is currently January 2nd, 2023. Jay looks exhausted.