And, he sleeps.

Here’s a blog post you might be interested in if you wanna know what’s going on with… a whole bunch of stuff, really.

In short: there are no plans to print right now, I have a genetic mutation that makes me more depressed and tired than most people, I changed my meds because they were bad for me, I got diagnosed with ADHD and will be pursuing medication for that, I want to give the site a facelift because stuff bothers me, and chapter 2 is a good ways off. Also I made flatbread for some reason.

But yeah, basically there’s gonna be a hiatus, I can’t say for how long because I don’t want to rush myself because rushing myself is one of the reasons why I had to start over in the first place and I explain more in the blog and just go read the blog.

Lastly, I am sending you to cursed lands to go read a webnovel my friend wrote. He doesn’t have a website, (I wish he did because I don’t really want to link to FA lol) but it’s about a single dad trying to raise his adopted kids in a racist town. It’s also about striving to be better than where you came from, found family, and a whole bunch of other things I sincerely appreciated and enjoyed reading about. Also, there’s a cult.

It also gets pretty dark in places so if you can’t stomach things like sexual assault and suicide ideation (or, you know, aren’t old enough to read about those things) I would steer clear. I do think these things are handled appropriately though, and if you like DNA, I think you will like this. It’s also Very Long and there are also some short stories written in the same setting if you go exploring, so it should fill the gap this comic will leave while I’m on hiatus.

That’s about all I have to say.

Thanks for reading!

↓ Transcript
Jay takes off his shoes, plugs in his phone, and then reaches for a stuffed cat plush toy that's sitting on his bed. He sits down at the edge of his bed, staring down at the toy sadly, before falling over to his side, and curling up in a ball, hugging it tight to himself, to go to sleep.