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Jay has noticed that Lisa isn't laughing, and, in fact, looks mortified. Mortified himself with this realization, he stammers out, "I-I'm obviously joking!"

Lisa continues to stare at him, although she looks less upset, and more irritated with Jay's attempt to justify himself. "Somebody... actually did that once," he says. "It was..." he hesitates. "It's not ideal," he finally finishes with a nervous laugh.

Lisa's attention has turned to her phone. Jay hasn't noticed as he occupies his nerves with cleaning the spill on his pants. "B-But if you ever find yourself in his office on my wing, you'll understand." He turns to Lisa again. "Also? Dude still calls me "Eric", like... I just hate dealing with him."

He's realized that Lisa's actually upset, her attention almost fully on her phone. "Jay," she begins, "I really doubt it'd be worth Ash's time to tattle on you."

Jay stares at her for a moment, a little crushed, and a little angry with himself, as the train announcer speaks in the background.

"Yeah," he says, as he looks down at his lap.