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Lisa side eyes him as he apologizes. "I'm sorry for the suicide joke, I'm... a jackass," he mumbles. She looks down at her phone again. It occurs to him that something isn't right. "What're you doing here anyway? Your shift ended like, two hours ago."

"Well..." she begins as she turns her phone toward him. "I'm looking up some... finspiration, for my koi tattoo. I wanna start designing it with my brother soon."
"...The weed farmer's an artist?" Jay asks, a little confused.
"No," she replies, "but the tattoo artist one is."

A large man in a lab coat boards the shuttle. He's caught Jay's attention.

Lisa continues, her eyes to her phone. "Bethany and I broke up, so I've got nothing going on tonight, and for some reason the ambiance in here is nice, so..."

She looks at Jay again, her expression a little sad. "I'm just gonna ride around in circles until I get hungry, or tired, or... moderately inspired, haha."