↓ Transcript
Lisa has noticed that Jay's attention seems to be elsewhere, as he's staring intently at this stranger walking past. "Doin' alright there?" she asks, a little concerned.
"Uh..." Jay responds. He panics and quickly turns back toward her. "I-if you need to vent about that, I'll listen. I swear I'm paying attention, I'm sorry." His posture is hunched, as if he's trying to make himself smaller.

Lisa holds up a hand, now nervous herself. "Chill, it's okay!" she says. "There's not a whole lot to talk about, I just--" Jay's jerks his head back in the direction of the man, "--have a lot of extra free time now."

The man seems to be moving to another car. "Do you know that guy or something?" she asks Jay.

"No," he replies, "I just want to make sure he's leaving."

She is puzzled by this response, but Jay continues. "Um.... Wh-what about the Ls, did they introduce the twins yet?"

"Yeah," she says. "Last week. All of them are pissed."

Jay has turned himself back toward Lisa again, now that the man is gone. He still looks a little worried. "Sounds about right," he says.