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Defensively, Jay continues as the man leans on his cart and watches him, amused. "I've been here 8 years, I think I'm allowed one. A-also, Lisa says hi," he adds.
Ash just grunts in response.

"Did they eat already?" Jay asks, looking around at the empty room as he approaches the man.
"Just finished," Ash replies.

Ash gestures over his own shoulder with his thumb. "They all headed out, if you're wondering. Green's apparently playing leader, are they supposed to do that?"

"That's Aquila and yes," Jay responds.

"That don't sound very safe."

"It's fine," says Jay. "I'm just teaching them to rely on each other, not me."
"Sounds dangerous," replies Ash.
"It's not," says Jay, vaguely annoyed now. "I'm here for guidance, not control. Besides, I get better information when I leave them alone."

"You really are an oddball," responds Ash after a moment, an eyebrow raised.

"Thank you...?" says Jay, confused.
"No offense meant, you're just the only project lead I know who thinks like that."