I’m going to be posting a chapter of a short story I’ve been working on every Monday, until it’s over. Chapter 1 can be read right now, right over here.

The story takes place about 8 years before this particular point in the comic.

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Thank you for reading.

↓ Transcript
The other kids talk amongst themselves as Orion and Rigel's scuffle can be heard in the foreground.

Aquila turns to Cygnus. "So are you gonna stand up to your little brother this time? Because no one else is here to do it."

Cygnus stammers. "Wh--? No, he'll do something to me later!"

Aquila raises an eyebrow. "You're gonna have to stand up to him eventually." She turns and begins leaving the group. "I'm gonna go see if Jay's here yet. I don't wanna deal with Rigel, either."