↓ Transcript
"Say Sirius' name," says Rigel as he holds Orion's head back by his hair.
"I can't," says Orion. "Let me go."
Rigel points to a mud puddle a few yards away from them. "Say it, or I'll push you in the mud."
"No, I--" Orion protests, but Rigel cuts him off.
"Then call yourself stupid."
"I'm thtupid, now let me go!" Orion cries, tears running down his face.
Rigel leans in. "But I already said I don't speak lisp. 'Thtupid' isn't a word." He glares cruelly at Orion. "You're so stupid, you can't even say the word stupid. That's really sad."
Rigel begins pulling him along. "And you never said 'Sirius' so guess where you're going?"