Hey so, just an update regarding what I was talking about last week.

My husband had his follow-up appointment (it is the 24th when I’m writing this), and turns out, I had my hopes a bit too high. He needs another two weeks to recover. I’m a little frustrated, but it is what it is.

I feel a little bad asking for more support–it’s always awkward to do which is why I almost never do it under normal circumstances, but this time I’m going to link my commission prices. Have a character you want to see me draw? I will probably draw it for you, provided it’s not too complicated.

You might have to wait about a week though. As of writing, I have… 4-5 commissions ahead of you. If what you want is agreeable, I’ll give you a timeslot as to when you should be able to expect a WIP.

You can also absolutely commission me to finish a DNA page, too. I don’t have comic pages listed on my commission prices because I… don’t want to do comics that aren’t DNA lol, but finished comic pages are $250 per page. I’ll email you the page you supported when I’m done.

That said…

I’ve made the decision recently to quit working on DNA, at least until September.

DNA isn’t going to stop updating–I have so much buffer right now I could just disappear until next year and nobody (except supporters on discord) would notice. But I do want to explain this anyway, because it will affect people who want to support DNA and join the discord and the secret supporter channels.

In case you’re unaware, federal student loans have been put on forbearance with no interest because of covid-19. This means I haven’t needed to pay my loans since… last April I think? Which has been great for the comic–that’s why I have as much buffer as I do; I haven’t needed to take commissions to pay that $366 bill every month. I owe about $26.4k total, if anyone’s curious–way less than other people, but considering my lack of conventional employment, it’s a lot for me personally.

In September, those payments are supposed to come back.

So, I’ve decided, since I’m currently keeping up with commissions fine, I’m going to try and earn $10,000 through commission work before the end of September, and pay off the 2 most expensive of my 9 student loans. Doing this should chip my monthly payments down to around ~$200 instead of the $350+, which is way more manageable.

I cannot physically do $10k in commissions and a full color, finished, weekly comic at the same time, so I’m… not going to, lol. I’m going to take advantage of my buffer, and knock out some of my loan debt.

It’s going to be… a ton of hard work, but this should be better both for me and the comic in the long run.

So, yeah. If you want a commission, or if you’d like to pay for a DNA page to be completed, feel free to email me. My contact info, prices, Terms of Service, etc. should all be in the link above.

Thank you.

↓ Transcript
Outside, Orion is still drowning. Sirius struggles to get free from beneath Leon, but is unsuccessful. "Get off him! He can't breathe like that, let him go!" he yells.
Rigel looks in their direction, his expression cold. "Shut him up, Leon"
Leon reluctantly does as he's told and forces Sirius' face into the grass, only for Cygnus to speak up. "No! Get off him, what are you doing!?" Cygnus and another begin grabbing at Leon's shirt, attempting to force him off Sirius themselves. Leon doesn't budge, but looks panicked and confused, and unsure of what to do.
The door opens. Jay and Aquila have finally arrived.