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Behind Jay stands Rigel, who is standing next to the door, and staring Orion down. None the wiser, Jay, tears welling in his eyes and still coaching himself through his actions, begins calling the medical department.

"I-I can unfuck this," Jay stammers. "I just... gotta frame it right... a-and she won't... see a reason to report it... And if she doesn't report it... nobody will look at the cameras... and everyone will be fine..."

Rigel smirks as he realizes he has Orion's full attention. He places a hand on the doorknob.

"Uh, h-hey, Iris, this is..." Jay awkwardly mumbles into the phone as he curls into a ball again. "...w-well I'm in the system as 'Eric' but I don't.... uh." He realizes what he's saying is off-topic and unimportant. "S-sorry, I'm a little... rattled..."

Rigel opens the door, and, with a wave to Orion, heads inside, presumably to clean himself up and revel in what he just got away with.

Jay continues. "T-Two of the little ones here are... really messed up, and... um, we're going to be there in about 20 minutes, I think."