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"Y-you shouldn't even like me!" Orion cries. "Rigel'th right, I can't even thay your name. Why would you want to be friendth with thomeone who can't thay your name!?"

"Orion--" begins Sirius, but Orion continues, cutting him off.

"A-and if I woulda jutht got up, he wouldn'a kicked me! Tho the whole thing'th my fault! You got kicked becauthe I couldn't jutht move!"

"Orion--" Sirius tries again, but Orion speaks over him as he cringes forward, pressing his fists into the sides of his head.

"It'th an eathy thing and I couldn't--It would'a been fine if I jutht--"

Orion turns to look at Sirius now. "--But I didn't! And you lotht a tooth! And you're bleeding everywhere! Becauthe of me! Tho maybe it wath a good thing Rigel tried to--"

"Orion!" Sirius cuts him off, placing a hand on his friend's shoulder to get his attention. "I don't care I got hurt! It'th okay! It wath Jay'th fault, he--"

"Stop!" Orion yells.


"Thtop making fun of me!" Orion cries, digging his fingernails into the side of his head.

"I-I'm not--?"

Sirius falls silent, unsure what to say.