I really shouldn’t be posting a page today, I’ve not drawn a single thing since like… last Monday or something, but my bipolar/depression/whatever my problem is is currently flaring up hard, and posting a page and all the update notices on discord and twitter gives me a reason to drag myself out of bed and reading comments gives me a dopamine hit.

So. Page. I have like 20 something pages in my buffer, it’s fine.

Also last week someone said they tried to use the support form but the form was like, “No,” for no reason. I just wanna say, the only control I have over the thing is what it looks like and where it’s sitting on my site; if you’re filling it out correctly and it’s not working for you, there’s nothing I can troubleshoot on my end. Just use ko-fi instead.

I deleted the comment because it wasn’t comic related (if you need to report glitches and errors on my site, I prefer you email me–it keeps the site comic focused and also keeps problems you might be having private) but I just wanted to, like. Boost the other option since it exists and is more or less the same thing and in case other people tried to use the form but got a similar error and didn’t tell me, this info is here for you, too.

If you use ko-fi to support the comic, make sure you connect your discord account if you have one. All of the rewards are on discord.

Thank you.

↓ Transcript
Orion sniffs as he wipes his nose. "I-I..." He's unsure what to say. "I know it'th your mouth. I-I didn't mean..." He turns away again, feeling the damage has already been done. "Pleathe don't hate me, I--"

Sirius suddenly pulls his friend into a hug. At first, Orion is surprised, but then he hugs him back, finally starting to calm down.