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"Tho if he hurth you again, I'm gonna bite him again," Sirius says with a glare. "And I'm gonna keep bitin' him 'til he learnth." Jay, who is still listening, frowns.

"Did you not hear anything I said on the way here?" Jay says to the two kids. Sirius turns and glares at him. Orion looks sad and afraid.

Suddenly, the doorknob jiggles. A tired looking woman in at least her 50s wearing purple scrubs and a lab coat enters into the hallway. "Alright, Eric," she says. "I'm ready--"

She stops midsentence. "Oh my god," is all she can muster when she sees the scene before her. Sirius smiles at her through his nosebleed. Jay's leg is revealed to still be bleeding as well. It's leaving a puddle on the floor.