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"Um," Jay says after a pause. Iris walks past him to get a look down the hallway at how much blood there is all over the floor. "S-Sirius bit me," Jay begins. "A-and I panicked, and kicked him, and... h-he lost an adult tooth... And Rigel tried to drown Orion in the mud, s-so um..." he trails off, realizing that Iris isn't quite listening.

"Why in the hell did you--" she says, before cutting herself off and turning to face Jay and the kids again. "You know what, the 'why' doesn't matter. Those two and I should be in the enclosure. You should be in the hospital."

Jay, who is leaving puddles of blood on the floor and is very pale, stares up at her as he tries to position himself to stand. "I'm fine," he says. "It's fine."

Iris, speechless, just squints and stares at him.