↓ Transcript
"You heard me," Iris says as she approaches Jay again.
"You can't, they'll--" he begins while trying to stand up, but Iris cuts him off.
"I can, I should, and I will."
"You don't underst--" Jay pleas again, but once more, he is cut off.
"Did you use the clotting gel?" she asks him.
"Yes, but--" Jay responds, frustrated, and again, she cuts him off.
"Then you didn't do it right."
Jay falls silent, staring toward the floor. He looks a bit dazed. Suddenly he hunches over, raising a hand to his mouth. "Oh, I'm gonna barf," he says.
"Can't imagine why," Iris says sarcastically as she grabs his arm, to which Jay reflexively tenses up and glares. She pulls him to his feet, and drapes his arm around her shoulders. She's helping him walk into the clinic. "I'll do what I can to stop the bleeding, and then I'm calling a med transport," she says to him, glaring.