surprise monday update because i felt like it.

↓ Transcript
She approaches Jay, who is glaring intently at his laptop's monitor. Behind her, Aquila and Leon also enter the room. They sit down together on the futon against the wall. She doesn't notice them.

"You're hellbent on making being here over the weekends a habit, aren't you?" she asks Jay.

"Hhhyep," he says in response, distracted.

She watches him for a moment before asking, "...Eckert being a pain?"

"Eckert's about to get my entire leg up his ass," Jay replies, still typing.

She snorts, holding back a laugh. "You sure you don't wanna rest that leg some more instead?"

Jay pauses, thinking. He looks up at her, finally giving her his attention. "I'm good, I've been out for two days," he says. "They told you about what happened on Wednesday, I take it?"

"Yup," she says.