If you don’t know who Leon’s talking about in that last panel, read this maybe.

Or don’t, Dieter is going to come up again later.

↓ Transcript
She picks up the papers and gets off the desk. "I'll post tonight's scores in the morning, but I better not see you in here tomorrow," she says to Jay.

"I'm not making any promises," Jay responds with a weak smile.

She makes her exit. Aquila and Leon stand, and make their approach. Leon looks angry, while Aquila looks concerned.

"Hey, you two," Jay greets them as they reach the front of the desk. "What's up?"
"Kim's right," says Aquila. "You're acting weird."
Jay frowns and slouches a bit. Seeking a way out of this confrontation, he points to his laptop. "I... have this important email I gotta write, this can wait--"
"No, it can't," Leon cuts him off as his eyes begin to glow. "You reminded me of Dieter out there, what's wrong with you?"