↓ Transcript
Aquila grabs Leon wrist, forcing his attention onto her. Her eyes are now glowing a vivid green, as she's fed up with Leon's temper.
"I'm going to make you leave if you don't stop it," she says.
"Wh--" Leon begins, incredulous. He yanks his arm away. "It was my idea to talk to him!"
"You're not talking! You're just being mean!" Aquila protests.
Leon is just getting angrier. "You weren't even alive yet when Dieter was still here, you don't get it!" Aquila's eyes are no longer glowing, as Leon is beginning to scare her. "You'd be yelling too if you went through what I did!"
Finally, Jay speaks up. "Stop comparing me to that man."
Aggressively and with shark-like teeth bared, Leon turns his attention onto Jay. "Don't act like him!" his voice booms as his eyes glow wildly.
Jay immediately recoils in fear, shrinking into the chair with his eyes closed tight.
"Leon..." Aquila quietly scolds.