merry crisis everybody i hope the crybus entity is good to you all

↓ Transcript
"If you need more food, you talk to me, and then I'll talk to Ash and his team about it, okay?" says Jay.
Leon shrinks away anxiously. "But talking to Ash seems to stress you out, so--"
Jay interrupts him. "Doesn't matter, it's my job." He continues, exasperated. "Getting bit, and missing work, and you guys beating up on each other, is what stresses me out. I can get through and over a conversation."
Leon stares at him, his ears flat to his head. "But Rigel said I was helping you."
"You weren't," says Jay bluntly. "All he wanted to do was hurt people, and he tricked you into helping you do it."
Leon stands there for a moment, processing what Jay said.