happy last day of the year don’t do anything stupid
↓ Transcript
Leon covers his mouth, horrified. "Sorry! I'm so sorry!" he exclaims. Jay just stares at him, wide eyed and shaking, gripping the edges of his chair with his hands as he awkwardly sits there, frozen to the spot. Leon begins backing away, panicking. "I-I didn't want you to... hurt more. Your leg, I..." He stumbles frantically over his words as he tries to explain himself. Failing to do so, he sits down on the futon, his face buried in his hands. "... I'm sorry."
Jay silently watches him from across the room. He's not angry or upset, only concerned.
He gets to his feet again, his bitten leg shaking as after only two days of healing time, it does still hurt to walk on, and steps forward. He sits down next to Leon on the futon, and pulls the large child into a hug the best he can.