HI hello happy Sunday I’m feeling better.

About a month ago my psychiatrist increased my anxiety medication dosage to see if it’d help with depression and it turned out that was too high and that’s what the problem was.

I am being tapered down to a lower, more appropriate dose, because what I’m taking DOES help me, just… that was too much of it lol.

Also got put on an antidepressant now to help with the depression so we’ll see where that goes.

I’m still not at my best but I’m at least able to DO things now without asking myself what the point of anything is and then curling up on the floor and crying a lot, so.

Thanks for your patience! Two more pages and this chapter is over.

I think I am probably going to upload pages as I get them done instead of sticking to the regular schedule because this should’ve been over with on the 2nd of this month and I really need to get to my commission backlog.