What is this form?

This form is the best way to support DNA. It fits my particular set of needs when it comes to my artwork and comic, and gives complete freedom to you, the reader, to donate as much as you want, whenever you want, be that monthly, weekly, yearly, daily, one time ever… whatever, to this project. The focus is on supporting for supporting’s sake, not on what bonus rewards you can get for doing so, which is exactly what I need if this comic is ever gonna get done.

There is no form.

Try disabling adblock, privacy badger, or anything similar you may have installed on your browser, and refresh the page.

Is it like Patreon?

No! And that’s why it’s great.

Is my financial information safe from hackers if I use this form?

Short answer? Yes.

Long answer? The form itself is encrypted, and so is my website. Your information does not touch my servers.

Do you see my payment information?

Yes and no.

If you make your payments through Stripe (debit/credit card), I see the last 4 digits of your card number, when it expires, your credit card company, and your email address. I might also see your real name (if provided) and your address. If you pay via bank account instead, I might see the name of your bank in my bank statements.

If any of that makes you uncomfortable, don’t use this form. I’m not obligated to provide this information to you, however I feel uncomfortable not giving full disclosure on what you’re providing to me, a random person on the internet who makes a comic.

Keep in mind that art and comics are my livelihood and if I (me personally, not Stripe) ever were to leak any of your information or use it in any way, that would completely obliterate my reputation, and you could sue the shit out of me for it and win. I have every reason to keep what little of your financial information I see private and safe.

Are there other ways to support DNA? I don’t like this form.

That’s understandable! If you want to support DNA, but don’t want to use this form, you can also buy me a ko-fi! Keep in mind though that since payments are made via PayPal, I might see your address and real name. Really, no matter what you do, I’m going to see some form of identifying information. There’s nothing I can do about that. Also, no, I’m not interested in any of that cryptocurrency stuff. Sorry.

What happened to Patreon?

I no longer have a Patreon account and do not plan to make a new one. Long story short: Patreon’s business practices are not long-term sustainable, it’s no longer targeted toward small creators like myself, the cut they take is outrageously large even with a legacy account, and I wanted off that ride. The only way to support DNA financially is via ko-fi and this form.

Thank you!

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